CrowdMemo: Urban Informatics for heritage preservation

CrowdMemo is my latest project linking education and mobile technologies. It is also a common, which means that anybody in the world can replicate the experience.

The first prototype was tested in an Argentine town “Arequito” during the first week of April 2012. The experience has been documented in the official blog. The first replica took place in “Pujato”, another town in Argentina and it was coordinated by Anaclara Dallavalle. She created this blog to write about the experience. You can also organize a Crowdmemo in your own community. Go ahead, you have all my support!

What’s Crowdmemo?

It is a project that allows citizens to protect the public space or the meaningful spaces through collective memory. Using mobile technologies, school students conduct research along with their families and peers in order to find out which are the important spaces that collect the cultural heritage of their community. They also contact the elderly who can tell the anecdotes about these places and, along with them, produce, shoot and edit micro-documentaries about each location or topic. Documentaries are filmed with compact technologies such as digital cameras and mobile phones.

Videos are uploaded to the cloud. QR codes linking to each video are created and located on the façade (in the shape of a commemorative plaque) of those spaces that the community consider meaningful and therefore deserve protection/recognition through crowdsourced memory.

Scanning the QR codes anybody can discover the history, the memory and the culture of the community in situ. On the other hand, the project proposes a virtual situ through google maps.

Crowdmemo is a hacking device aimed to empower citizens to recuperate the public space (now in hands of advertisement) through memory and creation. Crowdmemo is a transdisciplinary project that connects the young and the old, the micro and the macro, the individual and the collective, the physical and the digital.

About Mara Balestrini

Mara Balestrini is Human Computer Interaction (HCI) expert and technology strategist.


  1. Jerri Lynn Hogg

    The link to the official blog seems to be broken.

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