Quantified self, empathy and narcissism

empathic app

Within the field of Personal Informatics much research pursues the design of applications for self-tracking to motivate behaviour change. Such tools usually follow an ‘egocentric’ approach where the user is expected to reflect on and change her behaviour by visualizing her own collected data. I suggest that a system where the data of a user is mapped into the wellbeing of an external entity or a community, with which the user establishes an affective bond, could lead to an alternative approach towards self-awareness, based on empathy and vicarious emotions such as altruism and compassion.


Publication: Mara Balestrini. “In favour of a multiplied self. Can empathy lead to personal behaviour change?”. In CHI’13 Workshop on Personal Informatics.

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About Mara Balestrini

Mara Balestrini is Human Computer Interaction (HCI) expert and technology strategist.

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