Understanding the collaborative economy

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Along with Ouishare, Nesta and ESCP we are hosting a free day-long workshop for researchers interested in the collaborative economy to map current research and build a network for future collaboration. This event will precede Ouishare Fest, which brings together a wider community of practitioners to explore the collaborative economy.

The Ouishare research workshop seeks to establish a forum for discussing practices, theories and methods for the study of the collaborative (or sharing or peer) economy, setting the scene for the development of a joint research agenda on the topic.

Using ‘collaborative economy’ in the broadest sense of the term (see, for example, Ouishare’s framework), we welcome researchers from a diverse range of disciplines, with interests spanning collaborative consumption, open knowledge, peer production, open source, makers movement, P2P finance, distributed and collaborative governance and block-chain applications.

Over the day, participants will have the opportunity to share their research interests, collaboratively map the landscape of current research, and consider ways to foster cooperation, organise events, and explore other opportunities.

If you’d like to join us, follow this link and apply!

Read the summary of the workshop here!

About Mara Balestrini

Mara Balestrini is Human Computer Interaction (HCI) expert and technology strategist.

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